Troubleshoot Problems with Email

There are many reasons why an email can be prevented from making it to the recipient. Use Jackrabbit to help you find out why customers aren't receiving your emails. 

Reasons an Email May Not be Received

Unfortunately there are multiple reasons why an email isn't received. Many issues cannot be researched by Jackrabbit, but these are some of the most common issues:

  • The email was sorted to the recipient's Spam folder. The recipient doesn’t know they received it.
  • The email was automatically deleted by the recipient's personal Spam rules.
  • The recipient's Inbox is full and won’t accept any more emails until some are deleted.
  • The recipient no longer uses that email address.
  • The recipient's Internet Service Provider (ISP) refused to deliver the email because the ISP thinks it is spam.
  • The email address is not typed correctly.
  • The email address is the contact’s business email address. Some businesses block 3rd party redirected emails. Jackrabbit emails fall under this category.
If a family uses a business email address, have them ask their IT department to allow redirected emails from  

Troubleshoot Email in Jackrabbit 

Jackrabbit allows you to easily email families individually or in a large group. When you have problems with emails check the following to help troubleshoot the issue:

  • The family record shows if the contact has opted out of mass emails
  • The family record holds a copy of emails sent to the family over the last 365 days. Check the status of an email sent to the family using the View Sent Emails button.
  • The Email Bounce report provides a list of bounced email addresses to inform you of those returned to our server with an error. 
  • The Parent Portal allows contacts to view all emails you have sent to them over the last 365 days. Even if the email didn’t successfully make it to the contact’s Inbox, they can still view a copy here.
  • Use the Sent Emails Report to see  a list of email sent to your students, contacts, and staff during a specified timeframe.
Encourage families to add to their email contacts. This will help their email provider realize emails from Jackrabbit are not spam.

What if the status was sent but the email wasn’t received?

Sending a mass email uses Jackrabbit's ISP, which can be seen as spam by the recipients' ISP and block it from being delivered.

The correct domain name and IP address must be used. Refer to Add Jackrabbit to Safe Sender List for more information and a complete list of our IP addresses.

Use Email Best Practices

Sending emails is the best way to communicate with a number of families at one time, especially when you have important information to share. How can you ensure that families are receiving emails? 

  • Create the habit of running the Email Bounce report after sending an email. This helps you identify bounced emails immediately instead of waiting for families to report the issue.
  • Remove invalid email addresses (found on the Email Bounce report) from contact records in your database to avoid future bounces.
  • Send a test email to a contact’s email address after removing them from the Email Bounce report to make sure emails are delivered.
Emails can now be accessed through so many devices. It only takes one instance of reporting Jackrabbit emails as junk to stop delivery. Your customers should check all of their devices to see if your emails have been sent to the Junk or Spam folders by mistake.