Fixed Fees - An Overview

Watch a (2:03) video tutorial for an overview of Fixed Fees

A Fixed Fee can be created for a family (Family Fixed Fee) or for individual students (Student Fixed Fee) and can be used when the typical tuition that would post is not appropriate or is too complex. Think square peg and round hole.

Note: Fixed Fees are an option if you use Class Based Billing.

When used, the Fixed Fee overrides the process of calculating tuition fees for each class, and instead posts a Tuition Fee transaction to the family's account. 

If a Family Fixed Fee is used for a family AND a Student Fixed Fee is used for a student within the same family, both fixed fees will post. To avoid double posting, use Family OR Student Fixed Fees consistently.


You may offer an 'unlimited' tuition rate for students who take a large number of classes or hours of class. Saving a Fixed Fee (on the family Billing Info tab or the student Summary tab) will force Jackrabbit to enter this fixed fee amount whenever tuition is posted using Post Tuition Fees. Regardless of what your Tuition Settings are, Jackrabbit will override them and post the Fixed Fee.