Failed Signouts

Any Student or Staff member who missed signing in or out the previous day is considered a Failed Signout. Jackrabbit resets them so they are ready for clock in the next day, but the incomplete record still needs adjusting. The Failed Signout report is the quickest way to find and complete these incomplete records.

  1. Ensure your User ID has permission to manage Failed Signouts. See Set Up the Clock.
  2. Click the Dashboard Alert OR point to Clock and select Failed Signouts. Note: To access from the Dashboard alert user must have both permission to view Dashboard Alerts AND permission to Manage Failed Signouts.
  3. Choose PIN Type: All, Student Only or Staff Only.
  4. Set one Out-Time for all displayed records by typing the time in the top box and then Apply OR enter individual times for each record in the Out-Time column.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Jackrabbit recommends this report be run daily and Out-Times entered.