Dashboard Alerts

The Alerts section of the Executive Dashboard offers quick links to important reports.

Wait Lists for Classes with Openings

This alert detail is pulled from Classes > Wait List w/Openings. This alert does take future enrolls into account by showing the future enroll count and "adjusted" openings counts if your organization allows future enrollments. If the "adjusted" opening count is less than 1, it will appear yellow.

Failed Signouts

This tells you if students or staff are missing a check out time for a previous day's clock record. The alert uses the Clock > Failed Signouts.

Students & Staff Here Now

This alert detail is pulled from Clock > Here Now Report. From the dashboard, you can quickly see which students are checked in and which staff members are clocked in to your facility at any time. See Here Now Report.

Immune/Requirements Due (30 days)

This tells you if Students have a Medical or Immunization Requirement coming up to be due within the next 30 days. This alert uses the Reports > Immunizations/Req Report. See Immunization / Medical Requirements.

Immune/Requirements Overdue

This tells you if Students have a Medical or Immunization Requirement that is now overdue. This alert uses the Reports > Immunizations/Req. Report. See Immunization / Medical Req's.

Classes Past End Date To Archive

This alert displays the number of classes that have passed their end date as a reminder to archive them. (Note: This alert does not include classes with no end date or classes with the current date as their end date.) Jackrabbit recommends you archive classes (instead of deleting them). To learn more about archiving see our Help article Archive Classes

Classes past their end date cannot be clocked into by students. Copy the classes with or without enrollment into a new session, or extend the End Date to continue checking students into these classes. 

Birthdays (Active) next X days / Birthdays (Not Active) next X days

The number of days (X) in this report detail can be customized by updating the Dashboard setting. Dashboard settings may be changed by clicking the Settings link in the Aged Accounts  or Key Metrics areas or by scrolling to the bottom of the Executive Dashboard and clicking Edit Dashboard Settings.  Be sure to Save the change and click the Refresh Dashboard button.

Items at or below Re-Order Alert Qty

Pulled from Store > Reports > Report Type: Re-Order Alert Qty.

Scheduled Emails

The Scheduled Emails alert on the Executive Dashboard keeps you notified of pending scheduled emails and provides a link to the Scheduled Emails report where you can preview, edit, or cancel emails that have been scheduled to send later. For more details see our Help article Schedule an Email - Send Later.

Certification Alerts

These links go to the Staff Certifications page where you can see details of the certifications due in the next 30 days or are currently overdue so you can take further action. Refer to the Staff/Instructor Certifications article for details.