Sent Emails Report

The Sent Emails report provides you with a list of emails sent to your students, contacts, and staff, based on filters (Search Criteria) you select.

You can find this report in the Reports menu. Go to Reports > Email/Text/Marketing Reports > Recommended (tab) > Sent Emails.

  • Select the Display Settings you prefer for the report: a list of all emails sent or a list of all emails plus the recipients.
  • Customize the sent email date range up to 31 days.
  • Sent emails remain accessible and view-able in the system for 180 days (6 months).

This report does not include automated system generated emails (credit card receipts, notification emails, etc.) or future scheduled emails.

Business Scenario

You are looking for a specific email you sent to your students sometime during November, but you don't recall the subject line of the email. 

To create this report, select the following search filter: Date from 11/1/2019 through 11/30/2019

Note: Additionally, you have the option to use Email Subject keywords or Email sent by fields as filters.

Search Criteria

You can filter the emails using any or all of the Search Criteria and Jackrabbit will compile the report to meet ALL of the criteria chosen.

The Display Settings default selection, Display a row for each email, shows a list by subject line of every sent email for the date range. The second option, Display a row for each recipient, shows a row for each sent email and the recipients.

Report Results

The report results can be further customized to show or hide columns of information, sort and filter columns, or modify column width. 

  • Click on the Recipients link to open the Sent Emails - Detail list. 
  • Click in the 1st column to open the sent email.

Refer to Work with Grids in Jackrabbit for more details on how easy and flexible these grids are to work with. You can filter, sort, hide, lock, and adjust your report results.