The View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees Button (Family record)

From a the Transactions tab of the family record, this button will display all unapplied credits and unpaid fees for the family.

In this example the Andrews family has a balance of $140 but the total of unpaid fees ($140) and unapplied credits ($25) adds to $115. Because the balance on a family account is always correct, we know that there must be an unpaid fee to link to that $25 unapplied credit.

  1. Click View Unapplied Credits & Unpaid Fees

  2. The report shows that there is an unpaid registration fee in the amount of $25 available to link to the $25 unapplied credit.
  3. Click the Pencil next to the unapplied credit.
  4. Click ReApply Payment.
  5. Locate the unpaid registration fee and click in the Apply Amt field.
  6. Click Save Payment.

The report now shows only the 4 unpaid merchandise fees totaling $140 which is the balance on the family's account.