Aged Accounts Report (Who Owes you Money - Summary)

The Aged Accounts report provides a breakdown of unpaid fees by family divided into various buckets: 0-30 days old, 31-60 days old, 61-90 days old, and older than 90 days. Known as an Aged Accounts Receivable report in the accounting industry, this report is located under the Reports menu and provides information that can also be seen on the Executive Dashboard.

Each family will be listed with the unpaid fees on their account broken into the appropriate time buckets. The total of the fees in each bucket is shown on this report; the detail of the fees included in those totals can be found in the Aged Fees Report.

As a default this report is generated with the search criteria Balance From defaulted to $1. If you have many accounts who regularly maintain a credit balance (you owe them money), for example if they often prepay fees, you will want to clear this field so that ALL families will be included in the report if they have unpaid fees on their accounts, regardless of their actual account balance. 

Note: Fees that have been paid but not properly linked to a payment will affect this report. See Jackrabbit Accounting (Fee Linking) for more information.

The Aged Accounts report looks at who currently owes you money. To see what your families owed you on a specific date use the Family Balance Summary report. Accountants refer to this as an Historical Accounts Receivable Listing.