Store Refunds

Sold store items are also refundable using the same method as other fee refunds. You'll notice a few additional details in the Refund Transaction screen. The Item information, Item # and Item Name, is in a secondary row below the refund details. You'll also notice a field to change the Return Qty and a section that displays how many of the item were sold vs. returned.

With store refunds, there is an additional step necessary to determine whether or not the item should be added back to inventory. If you are returning the item for a merchandise credit instead of issuing a monetary refund, see the Return a Store Item section for information on returning an item for credit.

Follow these steps to refund a store item:

  1. From the family's Transactions tab or the Store account Transactions tab locate the payment you want to refund. (You may need to click View Transaction History.)
  2. Click the R on the payment line.
  3. Change the Post Date if necessary and indicate how you plan to refund the money using the Refund Method drop-down.
  4. Optionally, add a Refund Check # and/or Note.
  5. Check item(s) to refund and edit the Refund Amt if you are not refunding the full amount (ie. a partial refund).
  6. Set the Return Qty to the number of items being returned.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Store items cannot be marked as still due in the Are Fees Still Due? window for inventory tracking purposes (the buttons are inactive). Click Next.
  9. Check Add Back to Qty on Hand to add the item back to inventory in the Are Items Going Back Into Inventory? window.
  10. Click Submit Refund.