Aged Fees Report (Who Owes you Money - Detail)

The Aged Fees Report is located under the Reports menu, in the Transactions / Financials category. This report ages from the date the fee was created and is most typically used to determine 'past due' accounts.

There are several filters available including Age of Fee(s) in Days (0-30, 31-60, 61-90, and >90), Currently Enrolled in Class Category 1, and Select a Specific Family/Account. When generated with the default of Acct Balance From 1.00 and Fee Amount From 1.00 this report will provide the detail to the totals provided by family in the Aged Accounts Report.

Use this report to create a listing of families whose unpaid fees are > 90 days and filter it by Category 1. Provide these listings to your department heads for follow up/collection.

The accuracy of this report is dependent on the accuracy of your transaction linking. If a family's payment has not been applied to the fees that they owe, those fees will still appear as unpaid and this family will be included in the listing, even though they have paid their account. See Fee Linking Explained for more information.