Get Set Up for Text Messaging with Plivo

In order to send text messages through Jackrabbit you must follow this 5-step process to setup a Plivo account and link it to your database.

Step 1 - Create a Plivo Account

  1. Point to Tools in the main menu and click Edit Settings.
  2. Select Text Messages (left menu).
  3. Setup a Plivo account by clicking the link to
  4. Complete the fields on the Sign Up for Free page and click Get Started!. You will receive confirmation that activation instructions have been emailed to you.
  5. Make a note of your Plivo account Username and Password for future reference.

Step 2 - Activate Account/Verify Phone Number

The email from Plivo provides a link to activate your Plivo account.

  1. Click the Activate your account link in the email.
  2. Enter your telephone number and click Send verification code or opt to receive the code via phone call.
  3. Enter the code and click Verify now. Plivo will confirm the verification.

Step 3 - Add your Credit Card to Plivo

  1. Click Account while logged into your Plivo account.
  2. Click the Payments tab.
  3. Enter your credit card information.
  4. Enter a Recharge Amount (this is your texting credit that will decrease as you send texts). The minimum amount is $25.
  5. Click Upgrade.

If you'd like Plivo to automatically charge your credit card when your texting credits get low, click the Auto Recharge checkbox after upgrading your account.

Step 4 - Buy Texting Number

You will need to buy at least one number from Plivo.

  1. Click API Platform while logged into your Plivo account, 
  2. Select the Numbers tab.
  3. Click Buy Number.
  4. Search available numbers and select a number. You will receive confirmation from Plivo that the number was successfully purchased.

Step 5 - Link your Plivo Account to Jackrabbit

  1. Click API Platform while logged into your Plivo account.
  2. Click the Dashboard tab. The Auth ID is displayed on the right. 
  3. Copy the Auth ID (Ctrl/C).
  4. Go to Tools > Edit Settings > Text Messages in Jackrabbit and paste (Ctrl/V) the Auth ID into the Auth ID field.
  5. Click the Show checkbox for Auth Token in Plivo. After clicking this checkbox, copy the Auth Token (Ctrl/C).
    • In Jackrabbit, point to Tools > Edit Settings > Text Messages and paste (Ctrl/V) the Auth Token into the Auth Token field.
    • Be sure you've copied the Auth ID and the Auth Token exactly. Do not include any extra spaces.
  6. Click the Verify Plivo Account button in Jackrabbit. After your account has verified, you'll be ready to start sending text messages!

    Jackrabbit Initial Plivo Settings