Events FAQ


How are events different from classes in Jackrabbit?
Events and classes are treated very differently in Jackrabbit, both in how they are set up and how they are managed. Events are typically used for birthday parties, parent's night out, open houses, and other special occasions. Note:  A family statu...
Can I view classes and events together so I can make sure rooms aren't double-booked?
At this time, it is not possible to view classes and events in the same format.
What do the different Event Status options mean?
There are five options for Event Status. OPEN - indicates the max size of the event has not been reached and the event day and time is still open for registration. Events with a status of Open will display on the Event Calendar (if Display on ...
I don't understand what a Web Reg Form Graphic URL is or how to add it?
Each Event Type allows you to add a graphic or image to the registration form associated with it. This graphic image must be entered as a URL. This offers you the opportunity to create and use special images and graphics for specific events. For exa...
When a new family registers via our Event Registration form, the form only asks for family information. Why aren't there fields for student information?
The Event Type defaults to Family Enrollment, however, you can change this so that Students can enroll. In the Event Type Summary tab, set Default Allow Enrollment For: to Student to allow students to enroll (each student filling 1 event opening). I...
How can I edit the email confirmation message that is sent for online Event registrations?
The Event registration confirmation emails are standard and cannot be changed by the user.
What if an existing family attempts to register via the event registration form (instead of the portal). Will a duplicate family record be created?
If your organization has given existing families the ability to register for events in their Parent Portal ( Tools > Parent Portal > Settings tab, Event Registration ), and the existing customer tries to register from the event calendar on your webs...
Can I add the option for families to pay via e-check when registering for an event?
At this time, the option to pay via e-check is not available when registering for an event.  
Can I email all the participants of an event?
Locate the event's specific date / time.  Use the Email Event Enrollment  button to email an event's attendees. When you select Email Event Enrollment , Jackrabbit's email editor will open. Enter a subject and your email message, then choose w...
My event is not listed on the Event Calendar!
If an event date & time is not listed on your event calendar, check the following: What is the Event Status? Only Events with an Open, Notice or Unavail status will display on the Event Calendar (unless you have chosen the setting for Booked Event...
Can I automatically add tax to Event Fees?
Set Tools > Edit Settings > Tax Tuition Fees = Yes and enter the tax rate to apply tax to events and classes.
How can I quickly add multiple dates for an event that occurs on the same day and at the same time each week?
To quickly create multiple event dates,  enter a range of dates in Create Events from Date and Through Date and select the days of week. ...
Why does the instructor have (Inactive) beside their name?
This is added when an instructor is made inactive.
Why can't I make my check box event question required?
As a question, a checkbox type has 2 possible answers; unchecked (clear) says one thing and checked (selected) says another. You can't require registrants to select the checkbox because leaving it blank is actually one of the possible answers. Cons...