Test Your Online Event

Read the page Events Online overview first. 

Watch a (2:39) video tutorial on Testing Online Event Registration Link

  1. Go to Tools > Parent Portal Settings > Settings tab, and ensure that Event Registration is check marked in the left side menu which determines which tabs will display in the Parent Portal.
  2. Test your online (external) Event Calendar and the Event Registration Form as a "New" customer. Go to: Tools > Online Web Registration > Events Calendar/Registration (at bottom of left mini-menu), then click "Sample Link: View Monthly Events Calendar":

    The external Event Calendar will launch showing all Events that have Status= Open, Unavailable, and Notice. The number in parenthesis after the name, such as (20), denotes the remaining number of openings for that event if it includes registration.
  3. Click any underlined Event, and your Event Registration Form will launch. Fill it out and submit it just as your customer would. (The set-up of Events is covered in the How To Guide Event section.)