Why not Square or Paypal?

Both of our ePayment partners offer flat-rate, no monthly fee plans, superior to Square or PayPal! 

It is not commonly known that companies such as Square or PayPal charge various rates depending on the TYPE of transactions being processed by an organization. For example, rates vary for in-person transactions, card-not-present transactions, or recurring transactions. Rates increase significantly for card-not-present and recurring billing transactions and may even involve an additional monthly fee! 

  • Jackrabbit’s ePayment partners charge the same low, no monthly fee, flat rate regardless of what type of transactions are being processed. This option was implemented to keep the costs lower for our customers. 

Another thing to consider when looking for cheaper rates is the time spent entering transactions. Square or PayPal transactions must be processed outside of Jackrabbit and then each Jackrabbit account must be manually updated. That is twice the amount of work! Time is money!  

  • With Jackrabbit processors, the customer's ePayments information is entered and then securely vaulted through your Jackrabbit database, allowing you to process transactions from within Jackrabbit safely. You don't have to input each transaction separately; you can process multiple ePayments in a batch, and the family accounts are automatically updated. This is a significant time-saver, AND you are paying less than Square or PayPal.

Be sure to discuss the flat-rate option with our ePayment Partners.

Click here to go to our ePayment Resources for quick access to all of the information you need to get started with ePayments in Jackrabbit.