Option 2 - Require Class and Template

In Tools > Online Web Registration > Settings, there are 3 options available for you to control how new customers select schedule times when enrolling. A Schedule Template is an option of days/times that fall within the Class meet times but may not be for all days/hours the class is open. See Schedule Templates.

With the Require Class and Template option, customers enroll in a class and must choose a set of times from your Schedule Templates

Setup Require Class and Template

  1. Point to Tools and select Edit Settings then click Schedule Templates from the left menu.
  2. At least one Schedule Template must be marked Public = Yes. Note: Public templates are available to all classes. They are universal times/days for your organization.
  3. Use Assign Schedule to match up a non-Public schedule to a Class. Non-Public schedules are available only to assigned classes.  
  4. All Public and any assigned Templates will be available for selection during registration.

Setup a Public Template if you have no universal times

  1. Create a Schedule Template named: "***Click from option(s) below:". Asterisks sort this to top of the drop-down list.
  2. Add times late at night on Sunday (or a day you have no Hours of Operation). 
  3. Mark this template Public=Yes. This is the only template that will be Public=Yes.
  4. Use Assign Schedule to match up all remaining templates with the appropriate Class(es).
Template names should be descriptive to parents. 

When registrant click Select Schedule from the drop-down, they see your universal template as directions. What if they mistakenly choose the 'directions' template? Student will still be scheduled into the class but will have no days/times. Add days/times from the Student's Schedules tab.

How Families Enroll

  1. Class is selected by clicking Select Class on the Web Registration Form and choosing one from the Class Search area. If set, age and gender filters apply.
  2. Registrant is returned to the Registration Form where they choose an option from below the Select Schedule drop-down.
  3. Select Schedule drop-down will include all Public templates plus any non-Public templates that have been assigned to the class. 
The Schedule Start Date is always the day they enroll in the class. This makes the student active and takes a spot in the class. School administrators can change this by deleting and re-entering the schedule in Jackrabbit.