Use Card/Acct on File Button (Process a Saved Credit Card)

In order to process a credit card a family has saved to their Billing Info tab:

If you only have one card on file per family, that card will be processed. If you allow multiple cards on file per family, the Primary Card will be selected for processing, but you can change to another card on file.

  1. Click the Payment/Credit button on a Family's page or click the Save Fee & Pay Now button from the Make Sale/Post Fee page.
  2. In the Payment/Credit Transaction Entry screen, the Trans Date defaults to the current date (today's date). You can change this if needed.
  3. Transaction Type defaults to Payment (Credit) and should not be changed.
  4. It is not necessary to enter a Method of payment. This will be auto-assigned based on the payment method used, eg. Visa, Mastercard or Bank Account.
  5. Enter an amount in the Payment field.
  6. To apply the payment to the oldest fees first, click  Apply Payment to Oldest Fees First.
  7. To apply the payment to specific fees, click the Apply Amt field for the specific fee to be paid. When you click the field, Jackrabbit will pre-fill the amount in; however, this can be edited to a different amount when applicable.
  8. Click the Use Card/Acct on File button, and the Post ePayment window will open.
  9. If you want to change the Approved Email Subject and Header Text (that is located in Tools > Credit Cards/Bank Accounts Settings > Receipts), check Edit the Approved Email Subject and Header Text. Checking this box opens a field that allows you to make changes.  Make changes as needed.  Note: This is a one time change for this transaction only.  The approved Header Text in Tools > Credit Cards/Bank Accounts Settings > Receipts does not update when this is changed.
  10. Click Submit ePayment.
  11. Jackrabbit transmits the request to your merchant processor and returns an approved or declined message. A new pop-up window displays with the approved or declined details.  Click OK.
  12. This information is recorded on the Family's Transactions tab, and the family balance is updated accordingly.