Jackrabbit User ID Passwords

Jackrabbit User ID passwords are case sensitive and must contain at least:

  • 9 characters
  • 1 lowercase
  • 1 uppercase
  • 1 number

Things happen, passwords may need to be changed or they can be forgotten. 

There are several ways a Jackrabbit User ID password can be managed, either by the User themselves or by another Jackrabbit User who has been given the required permissions, Manage Users & Permissions (Tools categoryand Edit User Permissions (Tools category). Learn more about User Permissions. 

User Themselves 
When the User is logged into Jackrabbit

  • Tools (menu) > Change Password
  • Enter a new password that meets the requirements (will be indicated with a green check mark).
From the Jackrabbit Login Page 

  • I forgot my password
  • The Email Address on file is the address that was used when the User ID was created or last modified in Jackrabbit.
    If the User ID or email on file are not known, a User with the correct permissions can help or contact support@jackrabbittech.com. To be able to assist, they'll need the User's full name and the name of the organization. 
  • The reset password link is only valid for 2 hours.
Other Jackrabbit User (with correct permissions)
From within Jackrabbit

  • Tools (menu) > Manage Users & Permissions > select User ID
  • Use the Reset Password button to generate a temporary password
  • Notify the User and advise them to log in and change their password to one of their choice.

For the security of your data, the Jackrabbit system will block a User ID's access to your database after three failed login attempts and change the User ID status to Locked Out. Only a User with both permissions  "Manage Users & Permissions" and "Edit User Permissions" can change the status back to Normal.  Learn more about User ID Login Status.