Save & Make Another Payment (Split a credit card payment with another payment method)

Use the Save & Make Another Payment button to split a payment between an ePayment method and another payment method.

  1. Click the Payment/Credit button on a Family's page or click the Save Fee & Pay Now button on the Make Sale/Post Fees page.
  2. Change the Trans Date if necessary.
  3. Enter the first amount of the partial (split) payment in the Payment field and apply to any specific fees. Note: If the transactions to be entered will be both cash &/or check (non ePayment) and credit card &/or bank account (ePayment), the first payment entered should be the payment that is the non ePayment followed by the ePayment portion of the split.
  4. Click the Save & Make Another Payment button.
  5. When the Payment/Credit Transaction window reopens, click the Use Card/Acct on File button or the Use New Card button to complete the 2nd part of the payment.


The family owes $180 and wants to pay $100 in cash and the remaining $80 with a credit card they have on file.  

  • Click the Payment/Credit button.
  • Change the Method to Cash.
  • Change the Payment to $100.00.
  • Click the Apply Amt field for the fees to be paid.
  • Click Save & Make Another Payment.

  • The Payment/Credit Transaction Entry window re-opens with a balance of $80.00.
  • Click either the Use Card/Acct on File or the Use New Card button to process the $80 as an ePayment through the gateway.

If you'd like to split a payment between two ePayments (credit card &/or bank account), use the steps below.

  1. Make sure you are viewing the correct family and that the family has more than one card saved to their Billing Info tab.
  2. Click the family’s Payment/Credit button.
  3. In the Payment field, enter the amount to be charged and apply it to the appropriate fee.
  4. Click Use Card/Acct on File.
  5. Select the card you want to process.
  6. Verify that the Payment Amount is correct.
  7. Click Submit ePayment.
  8. Click OK if prompted.
  9. Repeat Steps 2 – 8, selecting a different card in Step 5.

Jackrabbit submits your request for payment to your merchant account via your gateway and receives an accepted or declined response in return. Click the ? box next to the Reason Code in that response for an explanation of decline codes.

For details on processing multiple family credit cards in mass, see Process Multiple Credit Cards/Bank Accts