Refund FAQ


I don't see the column that the R icon is supposed to be in. Why can't I see it?
In order to see the R icon column and refund payments, you need the Post a Refund user permission checked for your user ID. User permissions are updated under Tools > Manage Users & Permissions . ...
I have permission to post refunds, but there is no R icon next to a payment. Why?
If a payment has already been fully refunded, the R icon is no longer visible
Why is the Refund button still available if I'm supposed to use the R icon?
As we transition to the new way of handling refunds, we left the Refund button in place, however, it now opens with a list of the family's last 20 payments.
Are special permissions required to void / refund a credit card directly through Jackrabbit?
Users will need the Void on Card permission checked to void credit cards directly through Jackrabbit.  Users will need the Refund on Card permission checked to refund cards directly through Jackrabbit.  User permissions are found in ...
How do I know the eCommerce void or refund 'went through' and ended up on the customer's credit card?
You can confirm the void or refund by logging into your Virtual Terminal .  You should have been provided login information by your gateway provider.  You can access your Virtual Terminal login page in Jackrabbit by pointing to Tools ...
I voided / refunded a credit card in my Virtual Terminal. How can I record it in Jackrabbit?
If you void or refund an eCommerce payment in your Virtual Terminal , you can still record it in Jackrabbit. When you click the R icon in Jackrabbit, you'll notice an alert that indicates if the eCommerce payment has already been voided, ...
Can I refund an eCommerce credit card transaction with a different payment method? In other words, can I refund a $50 eCommerce Visa credit card payment with a $50 check?
Yes, you are able to use the Refund by Different Payment  Method button to issue the refund with a different method of payment. This refund transaction will not be sent to the gateway and will not be put onto the credit card. See Refund a S...
I noticed when a Void is handled, there is a Send Void Receipt checkbox. Who gets this email receipt?
The email associated with the credit card involved is sent the void receipt.
Can I void or refund a bank draft / ACH payment through Jackrabbit?
At this time, a bank draft void or refund must be handled in your Virtual Terminal and manually entered into Jackrabbit. See Refund/Void ePayments - An Overview for further details. ...
Can I refund a Store item?
Yes.  See Store Refunds .  Also see Store / Point of Sale .
Can I void credit card payments associated with store items?
Yes, however, voided items are not returned to inventory unless you also delete the fee associated with the item.  
Can I return items into inventory when I'm refunding store items?
Yes. See Store Refunds . Also see Store / Point of Sale .
Do store reports include refund details?
Yes.  The Sales Detail , Profit , and Item Tax Reports include refund details.
Do the revenue graphs on the Executive Dashboard reflect refunds?
Yes. The Current vs. Prior Year Revenue chart, the 12-month trailing revenue - Bar Chart , and the Current vs. Prior 2 Years Revenue chart show adjusted revenue (revenue - refunds = adjusted revenue).
I processed a refund for a family but their account isn't right. What can I do?
Click the Support icon (?) in your database to email Support.  Provide as much detail as possible, and a Support team member will help you get the family account corrected. ...