Change a Student's Schedule in a Class

If a student is remaining in the same class, but changing their scheduled days or times, their schedule can be changed for the class.

Keep a Record of Their Past Schedule

To keep a record of their previous schedule, drop the current schedule and add a new schedule in the same class.

  1. From the Class record select the Enroll List or from the Student record select the Summary or Schedules tab.
  2. Select the Drop link.
  3. Enter a Drop Date of the day after this schedule will end.
  4. Save Changes.
  5. Add a new Schedule (see Basic Scheduling).
  6. If the End Date is unknown, leave it blank. If the End Date is known, enter the day after the student will finish attending.
  7. Save Changes.
  8. From the Student record select the Tuition tab, review rate(s) and edit as needed.
The Drop Date of the schedule that is ending may overlap with the Start Date of the new schedule. For example: a student may attend a schedule through Wednesday and start a new schedule on Thursday. Their ending schedules Drop Date would be Thursday, and their new schedules Start Date would also be Thursday.

No Record of Past Schedule Needed

To change the days/times of a schedule when a record of the past schedule is not needed, simply edit the time fields from the Student record on the Schedules tab.

  1. From the Student record select the Summary or Schedules tab and find the schedule that needs changing.
  2. Click your cursor in the time In/Out field and delete or type in times using 00:00am or 00:00pm format.
  3. Save Changes.
  4. Select the Tuition tab and review rate(s). Edit as needed.
If this student has Tuition Rates based on Scheduled or Actual Outside of Scheduled Attendance, billing for the current schedule should be completed before editing the times on their schedule.