Add a Family (Account)

If you already have your family and student information in another software system, we can assist you in importing it into your Jackrabbit database at no charge. Please see our Imports page for additional information on this process. Contact our Imports Team at

To manually enter your existing family data, and whenever you need to add a new family to your database, the most efficient method is to use the Quick Registration/Add Family form. 

This form is essentially the same as the Web Registration Form your parents will use to register from your website, but this form is used internally by your staff. Settings for the Quick Registration form follow the settings you choose for your Web Registration Form from the Tools menu > Online Web Registration Settings.

When you are getting started, it is not necessary to customize the Web Registration/Quick Registration form. However, at a later time, it can be edited to include the fields that are important to your organization. See the Online Web Registration section for details on editing and customizing your registration form.

Point to Families in the menu bar, then click Quick Registration/Add Family. Enter the information your organization requires - fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields. Click the Submit Registration Information button when complete.

The details of the Quick Registration are saved to the family's record and are viewable from the Misc tab > View Registrations button.

After you have completed the Quick Registration form, there are several ways to schedule students. For more details see our Help article Methods for Staff to Schedule a Student.