Consistent Data Leads to Consistent Results

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Sandi Olson, Jorine Jones

The data you enter in Jackrabbit directly affects what you get out of it. With multiple people working in one database, it is important to prevent inconsistencies as much as possible.

How do inconsistencies happen?

Jackrabbit allows you to customize drop-down lists found throughout your database. It is not always apparent what values should be used when completing tasks. Keeping control of these values, how they are used, and when is best managed by a designated system administrator.

Where does the data live?

Become familiar with data found on pages within Jackrabbit. For example, the Family record houses transactions (fees and payments). Since transactions are associated with the family, you know where to locate information to edit as needed. 

Discuss the importance of complete and accurate information with your office staff. The more they understand, the better the results. There are many areas where data is entered including, but not limited to:

Set user permissions for your office staff to cover what is needed for their daily tasks. Less hands in the pot will help with consistency!

How can you check for inconsistencies?

Implement daily and weekly procedures to keep an eye on different areas of your database. It is much easier to find and fix inconsistencies within the same day or week instead of waiting until the month or year-end. It also presents a great learning opportunity for your staff while the scenario is still fresh in their mind!

For office staff working with transactions our Best Practice article, Maintaining Accurate Revenue Reports, is a great resource!

Another recommendation is to spot check data using Search Reports. For example, if your office staff just created a new session of classes, run the Classes Search report. Make sure information is entered in applicable columns. See our Help section, Work with Reports, to get the most out of using these search reports.

Consistency is a must with data-driven software like Jackrabbit. Check out our Best Practice for Managing Data While Retaining Value Within your Database for more suggestions that will lead you to success. Contact our Support team using the ? button in your database for any additional questions!