Tuition Rates in Student Based Billing

Student Based Billing is recommended when your organization may not charge the same amount for each student, whether it is dependent on how many days they plan to attend, special financial circumstances, or multiple parties / payors contributing to the student's tuition. 

If more than one party or family member is responsible for the student's tuition payments, check out the Best Practice article on 3rd Party Agency and Split Family Billing.

To ensure that a student's tuition fee is added to the account when you post fees in a batch, you will need to make sure that each active student has a Tuition Rate. The next topic in the Getting Started section will explain how to Add Tuition Rates.

Student Tuition Rates are not specific to the class, but the student. Assigning multiple rates to a student could lead to double billing if not setup correctly, particularly with rates based on Actual Attendance and or Scheduled Attendance. Click on the Help button in your database to ask Support for assistance.