Isolate a Specific Event Date/Time to Auto-Post Event Fees

It is also possible to isolate a specific Event Date for posting differently than the Event Type. Example: The Event Type Dance Fever Birthday Party is set Post Event Fee Per = Family.

However, we'd like one date in this event (9/17/2016 3:30 pm) to post the enrollment fee by student.

  1. On the Event Type, Dates & Times tab, locate the specific event date and click it to open the date's page. (In our example, we'd open 9/14/2016 3:30pm.)
  2. On the Summary tab, change the Allow Enrollment For field. (In our example, we'd change this to Student.)
  3. Save Changes.

While all the other dates in this Event will post the Event Fee by Family, this date will post the Event Fee by Student.