Test Access to Your Parents' Portals

In order to troubleshoot for a parent who is not able to log into their Parent Portal the first step is to test whether or not YOU are able to log into their portal.

You can easily gain access to a parent's portal by temporarily adding yourself as a contact to that family. You can then generate yourself a password and log in.

  1. In the Family record, click Add Contact.  Add your own name and your own email address as a contact for this family account.  Save Changes.
  2. Select the Reset Portal Password button.
  3. The temporary password that is generated  displays in a screen confirmation as well as being emailed. Copy the password from there or retrieve the password from the email.  
  4. From Tools > Parent Portal  use the Go to Parent Portal link to go to the login page and login. You will then be inside that family's portal.
  5. When you are finished, remember to DELETE your testing contact from that family record.

If YOU are able to login, but the parent cannot to their portal this way, then there is something on the parent's side that is not working.

If You Can Access Their Portal but They Can't 

Ask the customer the following questions:

  1. Is the contact email address correct?
  2. Ask them to add app.jackrabbitclass.com to their list of secured sites from within their internet browser. This is typically found in the browser tools > Internet Options > Security).
  3. What Internet Browser are they using? (Should be a CURRENT version of Firefox, or Chrome - if their version is old please ask them to update it).

Something Else to Check

Another condition that can cause portal login errors is the manner in which your portal is connected to your website.  If it is embedded, it can cause "session timed out" issues as well as many other problems.  

Instead, make sure the portal is a LINK from your web page, not embedded directly into it.  See the green box at the bottom of the Link to Your Parent Portal page for complete details.