Student Based Billing or Class Based Billing

Your Jackrabbit database defaults to Student Based Billing when it is created. However, you can change to Class Based Billing if you prefer. The Billing Type is database-wide. Consult your Jumpstart coach if you are not sure which Billing Type is best for your organization.

Student Based Billing

Student Based Tuition Billing defines tuition by student, allowing you to allocate portions of a student's tuition to others (3rd parties, agencies, etc.) and to discount each student's tuition fee. For a full explanation of how to set up and use Student Based Billing, see Post Tuition using Student Based Billing.

Tuition Rates are used by Student Based Billing databases to setup students for batch billing. Tuition Rates allow you to have both general rates that can apply to multiple students, and rates that are very individualized for each student. Rates can also be split between one or more responsible payer, and a child can be assigned a different rate from week to week.

There is a user permission that is required to add, edit, and delete tuition rates. This permission is checked automatically for new users. You can take this permission away from any user as needed!  

Class Based Billing

If your program has a simple tuition structure (student pays the same rate regardless of when they attend) you may prefer to bill tuition by class. Please contact our Support Team for assistance (using the Help button while logged into your database) if you prefer Class Based Tuition Billing. For a full explanation of how to set up and use Class Based Billing, see Post Tuition Using Class Based Billing.

Class Based Billing databases do not use Student Tuition Rates. Instead, the Fee is listed on each Class > Summary tab and all students enrolled in that Class are charged the same fee, less any general discounting.