Things to Consider When Setting up the Store

Will you be using barcodes on your inventory?

If so, purchase a barcode scanner from any wholesaler or office supply store or online. A simple/generic barcode scanner is all that is needed (some clients report it being listed as “USB automatic barcode scanner”). This makes adding and selling inventory faster.

You might want to consider creating a barcode 'cheat sheet' to use when selling items instead of trying to scan each individual item.

Jackrabbit offers pre-set barcode (Avery 5160) labels for download. Additionally, we offer instructions for creating your own barcode labels with a free download. See the Item Barcodes for the Store topic for details.

How will you be tracking sales? By family account? By general store account? Both?

When a sale is made, it is necessary to choose an account to record the sale. The sale can be recorded to a Family account or a Store account. For example, snack sales might be entered to a Store account but all other items are entered in each family’s account. You can also choose not to use the Store account and only record item sales to families.

If you have a Store account, when you select Make a Sale from the Store menu, Jackrabbit will assume that the sale is related to the Store Account. Therefore, the cursor will be in the Item Search box. If you don’t have a Store account, the cursor will be in the Family Search box because you will need to choose a Family account for that sale.

Do you have existing inventory you'd like Jackrabbit to import into your database?

You can enter items manually or have our Imports team import the data. Items are unlimited - you may have as many as you need. You can import items via Tools > Import Data. After the import spreadsheet is completed, you can import the data yourself from the same Import Data page or contact so Jackrabbit can do this for you.