How Jackrabbit Calculates Post Tuition Fees

Post Tuition Fees (PTF) allows the user to post tuition based on class search criteria (a class, group of classes, category of classes, location of classes, room of classes, or session of classes) and/or a family Membership Type or e-Payment Schedule. Jackrabbit looks at who is enrolled based on the search criteria selected and references the tuition amount located on the Class Summary tab. 

By default Jackrabbit looks at classes at a student level for discounting. There is no difference between student level and family level discounting in terms of the multi-student discount, however, there is a difference to the multi-class discounting.

  • At the student level, Jackrabbit counts each student's classes separately and applies the discounts.
  • At the family level, Jackrabbit adds all the class' tuition for all the students and then applies the discount to the total. 

If you prefer Family Level Discounting, click the ? button in your database to submit a ticket. Our support team will make this change for you and let you know when it is complete.

Each class should have a tuition fee saved to its Summary page in order for Post Tuition Fees to properly calculate fees. Use Classes > Edit All Classes to review or update many Class tuition fees at once! See Edit Multiple Classes at Once.