Refund Example - Family Purchases 2 Items - 1 Item is Defective and Refunded, Item Not Returned to Inventory

  • Family paid cash for a T-shirt and a pair of tights.
  • The have a $0 balance.
  • The tights were returned defective and refunded in full with cash.
  • The family balance will remain at $0.
  • The tights will not be put back into inventory.

  1. Click the R on the payment line.
  2. If needed change the Post Date.
  3. Select Cash from the Refund Method drop-down.
  4. Because the T-Shirt is not being refunded, leave it unchecked.
  5. Check the Tights and leave the Return Qty at 1.
  6. Click Next.

  7. Store items cannot be marked as still due. Click Next in the Are Fees Still Due? window.
  8. Because the item will not be added back to inventory uncheck Add Back to Qty on Hand.
  9. Click Submit Refund.

On the Family's Transactions tab ...

  • A Refund - Merchandise has been added for $10.80 and a Refund Adjustment has been added so that the family's balance is correct.
  • The family balance remains at $0.
  • The R icon is is still visible for the payment because it has not been completely refunded.

On the Sales Detail store report ...

  • The return of the item is recorded. (The Qty returned is not added back to the item's Qty on Hand.)