Statements / Invoices Default Settings

Watch the (2:14) video tutorial Statements-Invoices Default Settings

Both Statements - Print and Statements - Email offer several format options which allow you to customize the look of your statements. Many of these options can be set as defaults if much of this information stays the same for the majority of the statements you send. The defaults can be overridden at any time when you are generating Statements - Print or Statements - Email. Entering default statement settings is a time-saver and is optional.

To set default statement settings:

  1. From the menu bar, point to Tools and click Edit Settings.
  2. From the menu on the left select Statements.
  3. Use the top section (Print and Email) to create settings from both printed and emailed statements.
    • Enter default Statement Header. The Statement Header is displayed near the top of the statement. 
    • Enter default Statement Footer. The Statement Footer is displayed at the bottom of the statement. Typically this text might include a thank you or balance due message. 
    • If you want to display an account summary on the statement set Show Account Summary to Yes.
    • If want tax to display on statements, set Show [Tax Label] on Statement to Yes.
    • If you would like Transaction Notes to display on statements, set Show Transaction Notes to Yes.
    • Set the # of Days of Transaction History to display on the statement. You can over-ride this setting when creating statements in Reports > Statements - Print Reports > Statements - Email.
  4. Use the second section (Email Only) to create settings that apply to email statements only.
    • To add a link to your Parent Portal in your statements set Include Link to Parent Portal to Yes
    • Customize the wording for the link in the Parent Portal Text field.
  5. Use the third section (Print Only - Address Positioning) to create settings that apply to printed statements only.
    • Set the position of the family mailing address using the Top Margin and Left Margin choices.
    • Set the Statement Fold Line for envelope mailing.