Class Fees in Class Based Billing

Class-Based Billing is recommended when you charge all students the same rate, whether or not they attend. This is a simple way of billing but does not work for all organizations. 

In order to effectively mass bill your students, each class should have a tuition fee assigned to it. See the Add Classes topic of the Getting Started section for more information on including the tuition fee when adding classes.

If you want to charge tuition based on Scheduled Attendance or Actual Attendance, please see Tuition Rates in Student-Based Billing for more information. If you are unsure which billing method your database should have, please click the Help button in your database to ask Support. 

For Families or Students that may have a 'special' circumstance, you can assign a Family Fixed Fee or Student Fixed Fee to ensure that 'special' amount is posted to the family's account each billing cycle, instead of the fee assigned to the class.