Add a Tuition Rate to a Student

Each student needs a class, a schedule, and a tuition rate assigned to be active and setup for billing if your database is setup for Student-Based billing. There are several ways to schedule students into classes.

If you are setup for Class-Based billing, you can skip this section and proceed to the next step.

Student Tuition Rates are needed for recurring billing. To assign a tuition rate to a student:

  1. Go to Students and click on List All Students in the menu bar.
  2. Click on the name of the student to whom you are assigning a Tuition Rate.
  3. Click the Add Student Tuition button.
  4. Enter all fields in Add Student Tuition popup.

To edit a Tuition Rate, click the pencil icon next to the rate to add or adjust any details in the Add Student Tuition window.

Add Student Tuition Details

  • Tuition Name: The rates here were created earlier under Tools > Edit Settings > Tuition Rates.
  • Payer Name: This defaults to the Student's Billing Contact on their primary account.
    • Find the name by either typing or scrolling through the list.
    • You can change this to a 3rd Party or Agency Payer by selecting their name from the drop-down list.
    • All Agencies are sorted to the top with "Agency:" before their name like so "Agency: Union County DCS." 
  • Allocation: Choose how much of this rate the selected Payer is responsible for. 
    • This is entered in percentage format up to 2 decimal places; for example "51.25%." 
  • Dates From and Through: Jackrabbit will look at these dates when you batch post tuition using Transactions > Post Student Tuition Fees. You can also use these dates as filters when you pull a Student Tuition Report. The From date should be the earliest date you will be posting tuition. Only add a Through date if the rate will be expiring at a set point in the future. Examples of using a Through date:
    • Judy is moving up to the Toddler room in 2 months and you know her Infant rate will expire then.
    • Suzie has a government agency pay a portion of her bill but in 2 weeks the amount they pay will change.
  • Discount: Each tuition rate has the option to add a discount, which can be entered as either a percentage or an amount. A Discount Note can be added, which will appear in the transaction history.