The Student Record

The Student record lives within the Family record and offers a centralized area to house and reference all information related to a specific student. Each student record has its own tabs, buttons, links, and user-defined fields.


Tabs in the Student record allow a user to see and work with specific details related to a student.

Summary Tab

A summary of the student information, including birth date and grade level information.

Schedules Tab

The Schedules tab provides details for all past, current, and future schedules for the student. For details on older past enrollments use the Enrollment Detail Report.

Events Tab

The Events tab provides all current & past event enrollment details for the student. 

Attendance Tab

When a student checked in and out of your facility is displayed here. See Student Check-In / Out for more information on recording student attendance.

Use the Select a time period drop-down on the Attendance tab to quickly filter attendance.

Tuition Tab

The Tuition tab provides past, current, and future tuition rates for the student if you are set up as Student Based Billing

Medical Tab

The Medical tab shows details of Immunizations/Requirements, as well as medications, special needs, allergies, and more.

The Medical tab turns red when information is entered in this section as an alert to office staff.

Feedback Tab

Notes regarding your student's performance, such as feedback from their instructors, can be entered on this tab. Be sure to Save Changes after adding feedback. Use the More link to display the entire Student Feedback field. 

Skills/Levels Tab

The Skills/Levels tab displays the skills assigned to the student, along with their progress. Use the Add Skill/Level button to add a skill/level. See Student Skills/Levels topic for full details.

Misc Tab

Add miscellaneous information related to the student here, including a picture of the student.

Notes Tab

Add, edit, or delete notes for a student here. Search notes, filter the notes by tags, and sort the notes by the date created or by the date modified. Learn more about Notes in Jackrabbit.

Resources Tab

Upload files and add hyperlinks (URLs) to the family's record. Store up to 15MB of data. Learn more about Resources in Jackrabbit.


Add Schedule Button

The Add Schedule button will allow you to enroll a student in to a class and select their schedule.

Add Student Tuition Button

Use the Add Student Tuition button to add a tuition rate to a student if you are using Student Based Billing.

Email Schedules Button

From the Student record, click the Email Schedules button to email the current class schedules for the student. Optionally, you can email schedules for multiple students from Tools > Students > Email Student Schedules. See Email Student Schedules for more information.

Attendance Report Button

Use the Attendance Report button to see attendance records for the student. See Child Attendance Report for more details.

Info Sheet Button

Use the Info Sheet button to display a detailed page of information on the student. See Student Info Sheets for more information.

Check-In / Check-Out Buttons

These buttons are used to manually check a student in or out. See the Student Check-In / Out section for a full explanation.

Add Attendance Button

Used to add a manual check-in / out for a date other than the current date. See the Student Check-In / Out section for more details.


Blue links are clickable and can perform an action or open new information. (Once a link has been clicked on, the color changes to purple.)

User-defined Fields

There are five user defined fields available in a Student's Misc tab. These fields can be used to record specific information important to your organization. Ensure that you have consistent information entered for accurate searching using Students > Search. Edit the User-defined Field names, using Tools > Edit Settings. Choose User-defined Fields from the left menu.

User-defined Fields can be used to capture information during online web Registration. To learn more about how your organization can utilize User-defined fields on the online registration form, please refer to Web Registration Form: Field Options / Labels.

User-defined Fields can also be used on the Parent Portal. Refer to Set Up the Parent Portal page.

You are able to clear the information captured in the user-defined fields in mass from the Students menu > Clear UDF Answers. This will update family information by clearing the answers in the User-defined field on the Family Misc tab for all families. The User ID must have the families permission Clear Answers in Student User-defined Fields (UDF).