Client Website Examples - Dance

Arlington Dance Place - uses their Category codes to group classes on different webpages, then further group them by type of dance.

  • The Parent Portal login is found on the top right side of the webpage.
  • Go to Classes Offered and select a program, for example, "Young Dancers".
  • On this page, you'll see they have grouped the Young Dancers classes further by type. They have provided descriptive text above each table explaining that type.

Center Stage Dance Academy - organizes their classes by Program.

  • From the navigation, choose "Registration" and you will be taken to a page with several class listings tables filtered by Program (their Cat1).
  • Each program lists text description of the program, and the Jackrabbit table is underneath.  All sorted by Day, then StartTime.
  • Presented and designed by Adam at PlugYou sites (see our Website Developer Referrals  page).

Miller Street Dance Academy - has two separate locations, and organizes their dance classes by DAY of the week.

  • From their home page, choose "Registration" under either the Providence Road Location or Baxter Village Location in the main navigation.
  • The Registration page contains information on how to enroll for newcomers and returning customers, including our free Parent Portal video.
  • The Class Listing table for each location is further down on that page, and their webmaster has created "tabs" for each Day of the week.
  • On each "Day" tab, the Class Listing table is sorted by Start Time.
  • They close online registration/enrollment toward the end of each Session, so occasionally there are no class listings tables shown.