Card Swiper (non EMV) FAQ


Where can I purchase a card swiper with the magnetic strip not the chip?
You must purchase the encrypted card swiper from your payment partner . This encryption makes capturing card information more accurate and secure. SafeSave C&H Financial Services, Inc. Shane McMullen Casey Cumming ...
Why am I getting a decline response of Encrypted Device when I try to use my card (swipe only) reader?
Please contact your payment partner if you receive this decline code.  They'll need to make sure your settings allow for the use of an encrypted card swiper. ...
Can I click Add Card on a Family's Billing Info page and use the card swiper to enter and save a credit card number?
Yes.  You can enter and edit card details using your card swiper .  
Should I download the SwIPe software offered in my Virtual Terminal to use my new card swiper (non EMV)?
No. The SwIPe software, used with a card swiper installs a type of virtual payment terminal on your computer that can process payments and refunds without having to log in to the Virtual Terminal . Jackrabbit does not  integrate with the ...