Add a Credit Card to a Family

Watch a (2:07) video tutorial on adding credit cards and bank accounts 

If ePayments is activated for your organization's database, credit card and / or bank account information for a family is recorded on the Family's Billing Info tab. See Get Set Up for ePayments.

Once a credit card number has been entered into Jackrabbit, only the first digit and last four digits are visible to users. It is NOT possible to see all 16 digits of a credit card number due to PCI Compliance regulations.

Jackrabbit defaults to allowing three credit cards on file per customer, however, you have the option of limiting customers to one card. For details on how to edit this setting, see Manage Credit Card & Bank Account ePayment Settings.

To add a credit card to a Family record:

  1. In the Family record, go to the Billing Info tab.
  2. Select the Add Card button.
  3. Enter the Credit Card # and the Name on Card.
  4. The Nickname on Card defaults to the Card Type and last 4 digits on the card (Example: Visa 1111), however, you can change this by entering a different nickname (Example: Mom's Visa)
  5. Enter an Expiration Month and Year, Address, City, State, Zip, and Email Address.This address can be different from the Family Address (on the Family Summary page) or the Billing Contact(the Contact who has Billing Contact set to Yes on their Contact page). The Email Address can be different from the Billing Contact as well.  Save Changes
  6. Be sure that ePayment Method is set to Credit Card on the Family's Billing Info page. Save Changes
  7. If you allow customers to maintain multiple cards on file, you can use the Add Card button to add up to 3 credit cards for the family. The Add Card button will no longer display once the 3 card maximum has been met.  If you add more than one card, you must select a Primary Card. If you only add one card, it is automatically selected as the Primary Card. Save Changes.

If your organization accepts both credit cards & bank accounts, and a family has both a credit card and bank account on file on the Billing Info tab of their Family Record, the ePayment Method field determines whether the bank account or the credit card will be submitted for payment.

If you are using Online Registration, you can require your families to enter credit card information at the time of registration.  Learn more about Online Registration.  

If you allow families to add or edit credit card information while logged into their portal, see Manage Credit Cards in the Parent Portal for details on adding and editing cards in the Parent Portal.