I want to use Jackrabbit features with my website, where can I find the HTML codes for linking?

Jackrabbit provides links or HTML codes that you (or your webmaster) place into your web editor to integrate (display and use) features with your website. 

As long as your website will allow you to LINK to another external webpage, you can use all four Online Integration modules. Note: The Class Listing module is designed to be scripted into your own webpage, but, if your website doesn't allow scripting, you can still use an alternate version of it.

In all of the following links, replace 'XXXXX' with your Organization ID.

Web Registration Form


Parent Portal


Class Listings Tables


Events Calendar


Remember, each website is unique and it is your webmaster who can add "flair" to your integrations. Also, Jackrabbit has an Integration Team that can assist you or your webmaster with set up on any of these modules - for free! (See the Integration Assistance page after you have reviewed the FAQs for the particular module).