Client Website Examples - Swim

Swim facilities face unique challenges in presenting online registration. Traditionally, most swim schools want to limit the parents' ability to choose and enroll in a specific level without the staff first evaluating the child.  Also, classes are usually 1-4 students and many times the level of the class isn't defined until the first child is enrolled.  There are several options that Jackrabbit Swim can offer to meet these needs.

Just Swim - uses Category 1 to create grouped tables.

  • Parent Portal "Login" is in the navigation header.
  • From the "Classes", choose your Program and then the Level, and you are taken to a page that describes that Level and has a Class Listing table for those classes.

Lifestyle Swimming Academy - in South Africa offers both private and group lessons.

  • Parent Portal "Login" is in the header.
  • From the "Age Groups & Classes" tab select, for example, "2-4 years".  Then answer a question about the child's current ability.
  • Based on the ability you picked, the correct program level is selected and you are taken to that program page which contains the Class Listing Tables, based on Session.

Little Flippers Swim - www.LittleFlippersSwim has 2 locations and groups classes into tables using Category 1, Category 2, and Session.

  • Parent Portal is a button called "Customer Login" in the top center.  New Customers can also create an account with the button beside it.
  • From the Navigation menu under either the Natick Location or Winchester Location, choose Classes then the appropriate level/age.   You are taken to a webpage where the class listings tables are "hidden" under a yellow header bar.     Click any bar to "open" the class listing table displaying those classes.
  • They also use the Event Calendar for Birthday Parties (click on Birthday Parties under either Location).   Scroll down to see the embedded Event Calendar.

Stony Creek Swim Center - has multiple locations and uses Category 1 to create grouped tables.

  • Parent Portal is located in their green navigation bar.
  • Access classes by using the blue "Register Online" box or by making selections under "Swimming Lessons" in the white navigation bar.
  • Each level of classes has a separate page with a description of each and a class listings table underneath.

Water Sprites Swim School - uses the class listings tables grouped by Category 2.

  • Parent Portal is a large blue button on home page.
  • Also on the home page is a large blue button for "Register Now" which is for new families to create an account online.
  • Click the large orange "Class Schedule" button, and you're taken to their Classes page which shows multiple tables grouped by Category 2.