Using PIN Barcodes

A simple barcode scanner is all that is needed to scan barcodes. This can be purchased at any office supply store or online (listed as “USB automatic barcode scanner”). The barcode scanner enters in the PIN code, then PIN holder selects the student(s) for check-in and click Submit.

Barcodes can be printed on address labels then added to cardstock paper, cut, laminated and hole punched for convenient parent key ring cards. Or, skip the peel-and-stick labels and print directly on cardstock paper. Laminating is suggested for durability.

Print Pre-formatted Barcodes

Jackrabbit offers two sets of pre-formatted barcode labels. Print and use these in conjunction with a PIN or Contact Listing Report to scan student's in and out.

Download Barcode Labels 100-999

Download Barcode Labels 1000-5000

Purchase Barcode Software or Custom Cards

Several barcode software programs are available and are easily found on an internet search. Additionally, there are companies who print custom barcode cards.

Jackrabbit Support can not offer support on recommending companies, installing or using any barcode software or cards.