Add a Jackrabbit User ID

A Jackrabbit database can maintain as many User IDs as needed. There is no limit to the number of users that are added to your database, but there is a limit to the number of users that are logged in at the same time (concurrent users). 

Each User ID must be unique throughout Jackrabbit's entire application, i.e., the User ID cannot be in use by any other Jackrabbit customer.

User IDs are managed from Manage Users & Permissions, under the Tools menu.

To add a User ID:

  1. Point to Tools and click Manage Users & Permissions.
  2. Click Add User.
  3. Enter a User ID.  You will be alerted if the User ID is not available. If it isn't, enter another User ID until you are notified it is available. Note: Once added, the 'name' of the User ID cannot be changed. Instead, clone the User ID giving it the new name and then revoke the original User ID's login status.
  4. Enter a New Password and then Re-enter Password. For security, a password must contain: 
    • 9 characters
    • 1 lowercase
    • 1 uppercase
    • 1 number
  5. Add a First Name, Last Name, and an Email for the User.
  6. Identify the Role the User performs. Multiple roles can be selected.
  7. Save.

Once you have added the User ID, be sure to edit their User Permissions and add any User access restrictions (Locations or Category 1) that may apply to the User.

To quickly add another User ID who will have the same User Permissions as the User ID you've just added, save time and use the Clone User option to create the new User ID.