Enrollment Detail Report

The Enrollment Detail Report is extremely powerful and allows you to create many reports based on current and historical class enrollment.

Customize your report using the Show/Hide Columns button. Select from over 25 columns of available data.

Search Criteria Tips

  • By default, this report searches active classes only.  Set Active Classes Only? = No to include archived classes.  See Archive Classes for an explanation of archived classes.  
  • Select Enrolled in Session / Not Enrolled In Session along with other Search Criteria to determine which students did not return (for retention reporting).
  • Set Active Classes Only=No, Current Student Status=[blank], & Enrollment Status=All (Current/Past) Enrollments, along with other Search Criteria, for historical reporting.

Display Options

  • To display a Student Summary (each student counts once) set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? = Student Summary.
  • To display an Enrollment Summary (a student in multiple classes counts for each class), set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? Enrollment Details.

Watch a (2:03) video tutorial on how to Analyze Enrollment Retention