Add a Student to a Wait List

If a class has met its maximum enrollment number, Jackrabbit can maintain a Waitlist of students who would like to enroll if an opening occurs. The Waitlist can be viewed by clicking on the Waitlist tab on any class record.

If a class is full (has met its MaxSize number on the Class Summary tab) and has availability on its Waitlist (MaxWait on the Class Summary tab), an organization can choose to add students to a waitlist. If an opening becomes available, students can be enrolled into the class from the class' Waitlist.

Add a Student to a Waitlist

  1. Locate the Class record and navigate to the Waitlist tab.
  2. Click the Add to Waitlist button.
  3. In the search window, filter your search by student first or last name
  4. Click the Waitlist link next to the appropriate student(s). 

The student is added to the Wait List tab of the Class.