Schedule a Student from a Wait List

Students are never automatically enrolled from a Wait List to a Class by Jackrabbit.  Staff must use the instructions below to enroll a student from a Class Wait List. Use the Executive Dashboard Alert, Wait List for Classes with Openings to keep track of when an opening becomes available so that the student at the top of the Wait List can be enrolled.

To enroll a wait listed student:

  1. Ensure you are viewing the correct Class.
  2. Click the Wait List tab.
  3. Locate the appropriate student and click the Schedule link on the same line as the student's name.
  4. In the Add Student Schedule window, select a Schedule Start Date. Select a Future Drop Date if applicable. Select a Schedule Template from the drop-down or type in a schedule in the In/Out fields.
  5. Click Save or Save & Add Student Tuition. The student is deleted from the Wait List and scheduled in the class.

Students may also be scheduled from a Wait List to a class using the Executive Dashboard Alert - Wait List for Classes with Openings  as well as from Classes> Wait List with Openings.