Tax Settings

Jackrabbit allows you to enter a default tax setting for fees/services as well as goods/products.

The settings below are only for fees and services. To edit tax charged on good/products you sell using Jackrabbit's POS/Store functionality go to Tools > Edit Settings > Drop-down Lists > Item Tax Rates. See the Store Set Up section for more information.

  1. Go to Tools and click Edit Settings.
  2. Scroll down on the main page (Organization Defaults) to the Tax Settings section.
  3. Set Make Sale/Post Fees: Add tax in the "Post Fees" section to Yes to calculate tax automatically in the Make Sale/Post Fees window, Post Fees section. The Post Fees section is used to post any type of fee, including non-service fees (goods/products/merchandise).
  4. Set Tax Tuition Fees to Yes only if you tax tuition (class fees).
  5. Set Tax Registration Fees to Yes only if you tax registration fees.
  6. Set Tax Rate to the appropriate tax rate percentage (Example: 8.7500).
  7. Enter a name for taxes in the Tax Label field. (Examples: Sales Tax, GST, etc.)  This tax label will appear in sections of Jackrabbit where a tax label is generated. (If you don't enter a label, Jackrabbit will use the word Tax in areas where a label is generated.)  Save Changes.