Post Tuition Fees - The Function (Transactions Menu)

Once you are sure which type of discounting you use, you'll use the steps below to post tuition every billing cycle. 

  1. Point to Transactions and select Post Tuition Fees.
  2. Select your choices under Search Criteria, Settings and Duplicate Fee Detection
  3. Select Preview Tuition Fees.  
  4. Uncheck the Post checkbox for any tuition that you do not want included in the batch posting.
  5. When satisfied with the preview, select Post Fees.

The fees will post to each family's transactions page, and a results screen will display. View the posted fees by clicking View All Tuition Fee Transactions Posted for this Batch.

Important Notes

  • You can use Membership Type or e-Payment Schedule to tell Jackrabbit which families you want to bill.  You can also tell Jackrabbit which groups of classes you'd like to bill by selecting a  Location, a  Room, a Session, Category 1, Cat 2, Cat 3, etc.  
  • Search fields can be used separately or in conjunction with one another!
  • The Settings section of the Post Tuition Fees screen allows you to set discounts based on consistent amounts of percentages (multi-student, multi-class, or both). It also allows you to determine which type of enrollments you want to bill.
  • Negative fees can occur if the discount exceeds the original amount of the fee. If any negative fees were generated you will see an alert at the top of the preview page and the negative fee's font will appear in red.
  • Use Duplicate Fee Detection to avoid duplicate postings.
  • Point to Transactions and select Delete Tuition Fees to delete a tuition batch posted in error. 
  • Create Favorite for Post Tuition Fees to make posting tuition quick and easy!
Use the preview to forecast your revenue! Load your previously saved Favorite or select your criteria and discounting information. Click Preview Tuition Fees to see a summary of your upcoming tuition revenue. Cancel to exit without posting the fees.