Search for People or Classes in your Database

Located above the Menu Bar, Jackrabbit offers two fields to help you quickly search and find people and classes in your database. These fields are referred to as the Global Search Fields or Quick Search Fields.

The find a family... field allows you to  search a name, email (when the '@' symbol is included), or phone number. 

The find a class... field allows  you to search for active classes. 

By default these searches are a "starts with" search, however, you can make it a wildcard search using an asterisk. With this you can search for a name that contains the characters you define.


Class name - Advanced Tap 

  • If just "tap" is entered in the search field, this class will NOT be located because it does not start with "tap" - it starts with "adv". 
  • If the search term is entered as "*tap" this class WILL be located because it contains the sequence of characters that you defined (tap).

The "starts with" search is very literal! Make sure there are no blank spaces before your search term. 

What does Jackrabbit search?

Jackrabbit will search phone numbers in your database when 10 digits (phone number and area code), 7 digits (no area code), or last 4 digits of the phone number are entered in the search field.

A non-numeric search term will search:

  • Family name
  • Student first name
  • Student last name
  • Student email address
  • Contact first name
  • Contact last name
  • Contact email address. 

The type of search is always a "starts with" search unless you prefix your search with an asterisk "*". One slight exception is if you enter two search terms separated by a space, Jackrabbit assumes this to be a first and last name and will search on family name as a "contains" search even without an asterisk.

Advanced Searches

The Families, Students, Classes, Staff, and Transaction menus offer advanced search options that allow you to use filters and criteria to narrow your search to a specific group, for example, a search for all families who registered in a specific date range.

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