Student Check-in / Out by Administrator

An administrator can check a student in/out of Jackrabbit directly from the Student page. This is helpful if someone without a PIN is dropping off or picking up a student. It is not necessary to assign this person a PIN or add them as a contact.

  1. Locate the Student record.
  2. Select the Check-In or Check-Out button.
  3. Enter In / Out Time and One Time Drop-Off / Pickup Name.
  4. Click Check-In / Check-Out Student.

The Child Attendance Report will list the one time drop-off / pickup name. See Clock Reports.

Staff should confirm that the one time pick-up person is authorized by checking the Family > Contacts > Emergency Contacts field. Some schools choose to use User Defined Fields instead to collect this information during Online Registration or in the Parent Portal. User Defined Fields are found on the Family or Student > Misc tabs.