Filter Your Online Event Calendar

The HTML code link given on the preceding page will display your Calendar with ALL Events that have a Status = Open, Unavailable, and Notice.  If you want a Calendar that displays a different Status, you can do that. If you have multiple Locations, you may want to show a separate Calendar for each Location - you can do that too!  If you have several different Category 1's (for different Event Types), you can also show a Calendar for each one.  This is called "filtering" and it tells the Calendar to only display a certain status, location, Cat1, or etype (Event Type).  

The examples below show how to add various parameters to the end of the html code to limit the calendar to specific events. Note that the examples are just the URL portion of the code to show you the edits that are attached at the end of the Org ID to affect the calendar.  Also, only ONE etype can be used at a time if you want to filter by etype. However, the Cat1 and Loc filters can be combined into the same code.

If you decide to filter by Event Type (etype), the last option shown above, you have the ability to add a custom "Header Text" above the Calendar. This ONLY applies when the online calendar is being filtered by etype.  To add the custom Header text, in your database on the Event Type Summary page, add your custom header text here and Save changes:

The Calendar Header text will then show up above the Calendar online when filtered by etype of this Event.