Is there a way for me to change the student grade level for all students at once?

The Grade Level field on the Student Summary tab can be increased or decreased by one grade level for all students at once. It is not possible to change the grade level by more than one grade at a time.

This can be done by any User ID with the Students permission Clear Answers in Student User-defined Fields and Update Student Grades. 

  1. From the Tools menu select Update Grade Levels.  
  2. Select whether to Increase Grade Levels by One or Decrease Grade Levels by One. 
  3. Select a date For Students Created Before. Students that were added after this date will be ignored because it is assumed their grade level is correct for the coming year.
  4. Submit.
If you have opted to use Custom Grade Levels in your Student Settings, you will not have the option to update the grade levels in mass. The Update Grade Levels option is only visible in the Tools menu when the Custom Grade Level setting = No in Tools > Edit Settings > Student Settings.