Store FAQ


What is the difference between a Store account and a Family account?
Understand the difference between a store account and family account
I don’t want to use a Store Account, do I have to?
No, you can use only Family accounts. If you do this, we recommend changing the Store status to inactive or deleting the Store Account ( Store > Store accounts > Click on Trash Can to the left side) so that the Store no longer appears in th...
I have a Store Account, why isn’t it showing up in the Store Details in the Make a Sale screen?
Make sure that the status of the store is Active ( Store > Store Accounts ).
How can I assign items to a specific store account? I want to sell food only through my snack bar account not my pro shop account.
All store items are available for sale in all store accounts in your database. There is currently not a way to restrict the sale of an item to only a specific store account nor is there a way to track inventory separately between store accounts. If...
Why can I sell an item even if the Quantity on Hand amount is 0 or a negative number?
We assume that the person is standing in front of you with the item in hand. Therefore, Jackrabbit allows you to make the sale regardless of the Quantity On Hand value.  
How do I increase the Inventory Quantity On Hand?
Edit the Item ( Store > List Item ).  Click on pencil icon next to the item, and enter the new total quantity on hand (including new inventory) for the item.
Why can’t I select a class when I am Posting Fees?
You can only select a class if a student has been selected for that transaction. If the sale is for the Store account, you can’t select a class because a Store does not have students.             
How do I process a refund?
If a customer wants a refund instead of an account credit when returning an item, refer to Store Refunds for the required steps.
Does the store work with our website allowing us to have online sales?
Jackrabbit's Store feature is not an online module. It cannot be used to sell items online.
Can I print receipts to a receipt printer?
At this time, receipts print to 8 1/2 x 11 paper only, so this is not possible unless the receipt printer prints to letter size paper.
Does the Store interface with a Cash Drawer?
No, Jackrabbit does not interface with a cash drawer. You should print Deposit Slips each day to reconcile the contents of the cash drawer.
What type of Barcode Scanner should I get?
A simple barcode scanner is all that is needed. This can be purchased at any office supply store or online (listed as “USB automatic barcode scanner”). See Item Barcodes for the Store for more information. ...
Can I use the same barcode scanner for both attendance tracking and the store?
Yes.  Any "universal USB barcode scanner" can be used for tracking attendance and for scanning store barcodes.  
Where can I get preformatted barcode labels?
Jackrabbit offers pre-formatted labels which print to Avery 5160 labels for your use. Visit our Help Article Item Barcodes for the Store for more information. ...
What kind of credit card swipe reader should I get?
You must purchase the encrypted credit card reader from your merchant processor (SafeSave, C&H Financial, Process Pink and Studio AutoPay/Forte). This encryption makes capturing credit card information more accurate and secure. Safe Save Sh...
Why am I getting a decline response of "Encrypted Device" when I try to use my credit card reader?
Please contact your merchant provider to check your account settings to allow an encrypted credit card reader.