Opt-In / Opt-Out Staff for Texting

Texting requires permission from the intended recipient to ensure compliance with federal and industry regulations. Sending unwanted texts can result in the sending phone number being blocked by carriers. All legal responsibilities related to texting are the sole responsibility of the organization.

Opting-In Staff

A Jackrabbit user with texting permissions has the option of opting-in all staff at one time or opting-in each staff member individually.

Opt-In All Staff

Note: This process will only enable texting for staff with a valid cell phone number who have never opted in or out before. Staff who have previously opted-out will not be included and must be opted-in individually.

  1. Go to Tools > Edit Settings > Text Messages.
  2. In the Options section, click the Opt-In Staff button.
  3. Read the text in the Confirm Opt-In? pop-up box and check the "I agree and confirm consent has been obtained for all staff" checkbox.
  4. Click Continue. Click OK.

Opt-In Individual Staff

  1. Locate the staff member's Summary page using the Staff menu.
  2. If no cell phone number is listed in the Cell Phone field, enter one now.
  3. Check the Text Opt-In checkbox next to the Cell Phone field.
  4. Save Changes.

Opting-Out Staff

You can opt-out any staff member by unchecking the Text Opt-In checkbox next to the Cell Phone field on the Summary tab of their Staff record. Be sure to Save Changes.